Uddevalla Grand Prix of Sweden
August 10-11, 2024

Tickets to Entrance // Depot // Camping - VIP Camping - Pop up cottage // Parking

Information tickets

Ticket entrance
The tickets are not sent. Pick-up on arrival at Camping Office, or in the Green ticket booth at the large entrance on Saturday and Sunday.
Photography will take place for marketing purposes, please let us know if you dont want to participate by contact us on messenger.

Opening hours Welcome Office:
Friday and Saturday 7.00-22.00

Opening hours Ticket booth Main entrance:
Saturday-Sunday 7.00-16.00

Depending on how you download your entrance tickets and camping certificates, they come in different formats. If you use an iOS device, what you bought ends up in the Passbook. For other smartphones there will be one or more mobile tickets. With a computer, it becomes a PDF document to print.

Tickets are divided by
Adult: from 17 years
Youth: 8-16 years
Children: 4-7 years

ATTENTION! Mopeds, kick bikes, electric scooters, pit bikes and bicycle are prohibited in the entire event area (including camping site).

Camping tickets

Camping site Friday – Sunday
We primarily only sell advance tickets to the Camping. Please note that there may not be available campsites for drop-in on the same day.  One camping ticket per equipage.
OBS! The camping office and camping area are closed for camping until Friday August 9, 07 AM.

Anyone who lives or visits the Camping must redeem entrance tickets.

Tickets are picked up upon arrival via Camping Office:
Opening hours Camping Office
Friday-Saturday 07.00-22.00

Camping Rules

By ordering you confirm that you have read the camping rules below and promise to follow these.
Guards and hosts are in the area, in order to maintain the order rules.

  • Follow the host´s instructions and accept the places designated.
  • Fire streets must be kept clear of emergency vehicles.
  • At 23:00 it must be quiet for the VIP and Camps, there must not be “partying” that disturbs the camping area, all guests must show consideration for their neighbors.
  • It is forbidden to include and use extra speakers or chain saw in the camping area.
  • Mopeds, kick bikes, electric scooters, pit bikes and bicycle are prohibited in the entire event area.
  • BMK’s guards and hosts will reject the campers who do not follow the rules.
  • Rejected guests themselves must bear the costs associated with evacuation, and removal of vehicles.
  • Camp site with electricity; If a damaged electric cable is used, BMK has the right to remove it.
  • By accepting the rules at the time of booking, you also agree that we may seize any equipment in the event of a violation of the above.
  • Note that music is played in the Beer Tent until 01:00 AM through Friday and Saturday evenings.

VIP Camping

At “VIP Camping” campsite you have access to electricity and better showers.
Same rules and info as Camping above.

Pop up cottage

The cottage is 6.5 m2, can accommodate 4 people and includes 2 bunk beds with bed linen (no sheets). The cottage is located on Vip Campingen where you have access to electricity, toilet & better showers.
The same rules and info as Campingplasts above.

Ticket Depot

Ticket gives you the opportunity to enter the competition depot and see drivers and their team close up.
Free for children under 7 years with adult.

Parking near the track (Not open for sale yet)

Parking near the track in the quarry – that is, behind the audience mountain and 150 m from the entrance. The parking ticket is exchanged for a decal on arrival at the car park entrance. Entrance ticket is booked separately. Limited number of seats. Cars that are only paid on Saturday and remain until Sunday will be transported away at the owner’s expense. The car park is not a campsite, overnight stays are not allowed.

Tickets to the stand

Gives you a seat in the grandstand. The stand is located right in front of the starting curve and the big screen. First served.

Questions about ticket purchase

Contact Tickster customer service If you need help, have encountered problems or want to contact Tickster, you can reach their customer service at support@tickster.com, https://support.tickster.com/hc/ or by phone +46 (0) 771-47 70 70 .